Multi Award Winning Art Director.
Working in the luxury industry, currently at @Mazarine.
Based in Paris, available worldwide.


Selected Clients :
Hugo Boss
Van Cleef & Arpels
Saint Laurent
Moêt Chandon

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Awards & Recognitions :
12x Cannes Lions International
16x Eurobest Awards
3x The Clio Awards
2x  Art Directors Club

1x Grand Prize Stratégies of Luxury
1x Adobe Grand Prize of the Jury
1x Awwwards
1x Mlle Pitch Awards
3x Behance
2x Design Rush

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Client : Brugal
Creative Director : Grégoire Chabridon
Art Director : Tamim Mortaza & Natalya Novikova
Photographer & Filmmaker : Jean-Baptiste Deguez
Copywriter : Kelly Berold
Set Designer : Pauline Choffe
Year: 2024
A comprehensive 360-degree approach, from conceptualizing the bottle design and packaging to crafting the advertising campaign and managing the launch strategy. Under the evocative tagline "A MOMENT OF MASTERY, FIVE GENERATIONS IN THE MAKING," the campaign embodies Brugal's 135-year legacy of rum craftsmanship, introducing the innovative Flambage Aromatique des Fûts technique. This method, expertly executed by Brugal's master rum-makers, delicately infuses the spirit with natural caramel notes extracted from the wood, resulting in a symphony of flavors.

Captured through the lens of photographer and filmmaker Jean-Baptiste Deguez, the visual campaign unveils an artistic sculpture conceptualized by set designer Pauline Choffe. Symbolizing the intricate rum-making process, this sculpture serves as a poetic metaphor, intricately blending wood, fire, and caramel pearls. Illuminated with gradients of blues and golds, the sculpture gradually reveals the centerpiece, the new Maestro Reserva bottle, resembling a precious objet d'art.

Inspired by Dominican arches inherent in Brugal's DNA, the bottle boasts a distinctive concave glass shape, allowing light to refract and accentuate the amber liquid within. Meanwhile, the packaging, designed with sustainability in mind, features a sleek, recyclable cardboard construction, aligning with modern luxury values. Emblazoned with a QR code, the packaging seamlessly integrates with the brand experience, directing consumers to an immersive digital journey.

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