Multi Award Winning Art Director.
Working in the luxury industry, currently at @Mazarine.
Based in Paris, available worldwide.


Selected Clients :
Hugo Boss
Van Cleef & Arpels
Saint Laurent
Moêt Chandon

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Awards & Recognitions :
12x Cannes Lions International
16x Eurobest Awards
3x The Clio Awards
2x  Art Directors Club

1x Grand Prize Stratégies of Luxury
1x Adobe Grand Prize of the Jury
1x Awwwards
1x Mlle Pitch Awards
3x Behance
2x Design Rush

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Client : Boss
Agency : Mazarine
Creative Director : Michael Saublet
Art Director : Tamim Mortaza
Director : Adrien Wagner
DOP : Fabio Caldironi
Photography : Benjamin Lennox & Lukas Korschan
Motion Designer : Jeremy Tosseghin & Robin Curien
Movement Director : Andy Ansah & Amanuel Kahsai
Styling : Vanessa Reid
Set Design : Richard Bridgland
HMU : Sarah Lucia Rabel
Retouching : NightShift Paris
3D Studio : Banana Studio

Commercial : Scherazade Ziani & Juliette Rousseaux
Production : Anais le gallois & Julie Rouby & Lucie Etchegoyen & Renier Manon

In the world of international soccer, the quest for triumph is relentless and filled with the essence of victory that only a few can claim. Boss encapsulates this spirit in their groundbreaking campaign, "Held in Triumph", for the limited edition fragrance, BOSS Bottled Triumph Elixir. This campaign is a symphony of collaboration with three of soccer's most iconic players—Eduardo Camavinga, Phil Foden, and Kai Havertz—each a young international star in their own right, embodying the essence of victory both on and off the field.

The creative direction of "Held in Triumph" brings to life the electric atmosphere of victory. Set against a backdrop of neon lights and a golden cube within a blue void, it aims to capture the inner light of triumph that shines within every victor. This artistic choice is not merely aesthetic but a profound representation of the fragrance's core identity: a beacon for those who carry the light of triumph in their stride.

At the heart of this campaign is the BOSS Bottled Triumph Elixir, a fragrance that mirrors the adrenaline and passion of soccer. Crafted by the legendary perfumers Anick Ménardo and Suzy Le Helley, this vibrant and sporty scent is a testament to the spirit of triumph. With a base that builds on the iconic BOSS Bottled essence, it introduces fresh, invigorating notes that encapsulate a unique intensity—the power of an Elixir blended with the captivating freshness and vibrancy.

"Held in Triumph" is not just a campaign; it's a celebration of victory, a tribute to the triumphant spirit that resides within the champions of the soccer world and those who aspire to embody it. Boss invites you to unleash your inner light with BOSS Bottled Triumph Elixir, a fragrance for the man who is victorious, passionate, and unmistakably triumphant.

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