Multi Award Winning Art Director.
Working in the luxury industry, currently at @Mazarine.
Based in Paris, available worldwide.


Selected Clients :
Hugo Boss
Van Cleef & Arpels
Saint Laurent
Moêt Chandon

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Awards & Recognitions :
12x Cannes Lions International
16x Eurobest Awards
3x The Clio Awards
2x  Art Directors Club

1x Grand Prize Stratégies of Luxury
1x Adobe Grand Prize of the Jury
1x Awwwards
1x Mlle Pitch Awards
3x Behance
2x Design Rush

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Client : Loewe
Agency : Mazarine
Creative Director : Paul Gruber
Art Directors : Tamim Mortaza & David Miege
Director : Lukas Korschan
Assistant Director : Oscar Le Pollotec
DOP : Alexandre Jamin
Photography : Lukas Korschan
Motion Designer : Motion Shelter
Music : Pepperjuice
Movement Director : Carmel Loanga
Set Design : Prudence Palle
Stylism : Lara CVIKLINSKI
Retouching : Sparklink & Studio Tyssage
Commercial : Helene OPLAND, Isabelle ROSELLO, Emma DAVID
Production : Anais le gallois & Julie Rouby & Lucie Etchegoyen
Step into the ethereal realm of cinematic wonder as we unveil the mesmerizing journey of the film, where Kylian Mbappé transcends the boundaries of ordinary existence and delves into the depths of sonic exploration. Within the confines of an industrial space, Mbappé's presence transforms the cold, concrete floor into a vibrant canvas pulsating with energy and innovation.

At the heart of this immersive experience lies the interplay of light and shadow, as minimalist projections cast geometric patterns upon the walls and floor, evoking a sense of otherworldly beauty and grace. Inspired by LOEWE's iconic design codes, these projections take on a life of their own, weaving a tapestry of bars and organic shapes that dance and intertwine in a symphony of motion and light.

As Mbappé moves through the space, his interaction with the projections becomes a dance of light and shadow, a choreography of gestures and attitudes that speak to the depths of his soul. At first, he navigates the space with caution, avoiding the touch of light as if wary of its power. But as the film unfolds, he embraces the luminous energy around him, dominating the scene with his presence and shaping the patterns of light with his every movement.

Through Mbappé's journey, we are invited to explore the transformative power of human creativity and expression, as he harnesses the energy of light to create beauty and meaning in the world around him. In this captivating visual symphony, Mbappé emerges not only as a football icon, but as a visionary artist whose boundless imagination knows no bounds.

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